Thursday, April 23, 2009

Geothermal Power

Geothermal power is the energy obtained from the heat stored in the earth. The resources of geothermal power are shallow ground water, hot water, rocks below the earth’s surface and hot molten magma in the depths of the earth. These resources can be trapped either by drilling the earth’s surface or through reservoirs.

The use of geothermal power in the form of geothermal steam and hot springs for bathing and heating has been going on for a long time. Today, in addition to these, geothermal power is used for generating electricity.

The development of geothermal power is taking place all around the globe. The main reason for the development is the fact that geothermal power is a renewable source of energy. Also geothermal power is cost effective and an eco friendly source of energy. In addition, geothermal power is the best method available to meet the energy needs of the various developing counties.

Geothermal power can be successfully harnessed in areas where there are enough hot springs or in areas where there is a high concentration of volcanoes.

Geothermal power is being used as an energy resource in countries like Canada, Iceland, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Germany, Kenya, Turkey, and the United states. Other countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Portugal, India, Russia etc. are still exploring and developing geothermal power as an energy resource for putting it to various uses.

Geothermal power has a great potential. It is being used commercially in about seventy countries. However, at present, only a small percentage of the total geothermal power potential is being used effectively across the world.

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