Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why is alternative power good?

Alternative power can be defined as the useful form of energy produced from alternative sources of energy like the sun, wind, tides, ocean, water etc. Alternative power offers several advantages and benefits that have made its use very popular.

Why is alternative power good? The answer to this question lies in the fact that alternative power will be the only source of energy that will be available in the future. Today, almost all countries depend upon fossil fuels, coal, petroleum etc. to fulfill their energy requirements. However, the use of fossil fuels and coal pollutes the environment as their burning releases harmful particles into the atmosphere. The amount of fossil fuels and coal available is limited and finite. The reserves of these sources of energy are fast depleting and will finish one day. We will then be left with only alternative power that will meet our energy demands.

Alternative power is obtained from resources that are renewable. Alternative power can therefore be replenished whenever necessary.

The only way in which alternative power is not better than coal or fossil fuels is that it cannot be stored in large amounts for use when there is no sun or wind as opposed to fossil fuels, coal and petroleum that can be stocked for future use in large quantities.

Alternative power is available at lower costs for use. It also reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and coal. Alternative power will be the only source available to meet the energy demands of the coming generations. It therefore needs to be used wisely and conserved in an appropriate manner.

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