Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wind power cars

Wind possesses kinetic energy that can be harnessed in many ways to convert it to usable forms of energy. This usable form of energy is called wind power. Wind power can be used for various purposes. It can be used for generating electricity, grinding grains and powering saw mills. Recently wind power has been used for more advanced purposes and technologies. Wind power has been used to power vehicles. Automobiles can now run on wind power smoothly and efficiently.

Wind power cars use a solar power battery for initially starting up. The battery then runs on circulating air. Four air intakes have been incorporated in the car’s body. These air intakes control the air flow from the car’s body to the turbines. The turbine in a wind power car is concealed within the body of the car and is connected to an alternator. When air reaches the turbine, it rotates to generate an electric current which is passed onto the alternator and converted to power that runs the car. The car will be made of lightweight aluminum and strong steel. Although the car will run at great speeds, it will be very expensive.

A wind power car has several advantages to offer. The foremost is that it does not require any burning of fuels and therefore causes no pollution. A wind power car does not contribute to global warming. It reduces the dependence on fuels for running cars and also reduces the cost of using cars. Wind power cars require very little maintenance. They are reliable and convenient to handle.

These can be used in the future to face the challenges posed by energy crisis.

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